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Reduces Risk of Cancer

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Reduce your chances of getting colon cancer

Recent studies about dietary fiber showed that it has powerful anti-carcinogenic effects, primarily on the development and metastasis of breast cancer cells in postmenopausal women. A study showed that there was a 50% reduction in breast cancer frequency in women who regularly consumed the recommended amount of daily dietary fiber. There are also plant lignans in buckwheat which are converted in our stomachs into animal lignans. Animal lignans are integral in the defense against breast cancer and other hormone-based cancers.

The other major cancer benefit that buckwheat provides is for colon cancer. Fiber is known as one of the best ways to reduce your chances of getting colon cancer because fiber helps to keep your intestinal tract clean, free of free radicals, and generally operating at a healthy level. A single cup of buckwheat has more than 20% of your daily fiber recommendation and has almost no calories.

Reduce your chances of getting colon cancer

Lots of antioxidants for overall health

The protective phenolic compounds present in buckwheat can fight even cancer, not to mention some other lesser illnesses. These antioxidants also prevent diseases that attack your liver, heart and even support your brain functions. As you might have known, antioxidants fight the creation of so-called free radical damage, and they protect you DNA from damaging, thus preventing cancerous cell formation and inflammation.

Lots of antioxidants for overall health

Prevent cancer

Study shows that dietary fiber contains anti-carcinogenic effects in metastasis and development of breast cancer cells in postmenopausal women. The women who consumed recommended amount of daily dietary fiber had 50% reduction in breast cancer frequency. 

The plant lignans found in Buckwheat is converted into animal lignans in stomach. Animal lignans are vital for defense against breast cancer and other hormone based cancer. Fiber helps to lower the chances of colon cancer as fiber keeps intestinal tract clean and eliminate free radicals. A cup of Buckwheat provides 20% more recommended daily fiber and has no calories.

Prevent cancer

Possible Anticancer Activity

Early evidence suggests that buckwheat may exert novel mechanisms that help inhibit the origins of cancer.

One study in the Journal of Nutrition found that buckwheat protein extract provides protection against colon carcinogenesis in rats by reducing cell proliferation.

A later study examined the effects of buckwheat protein polysaccharides on leukemia cells. The researchers found that these compounds reduced leukemia proliferation by an important process known as cell differentiation. Inducing differentiation of leukemic cells has become one of the most important therapeutic approaches for curing this form of cancer

Possible Anticancer Activity