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Low-Calorie Food

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Buckwheat is a Low-Calorie Food

Buckwheat is loaded in inositol, which makes this a low-calorie but well-balanced food. Buckwheat helps lower fat accumulation and can maintain your body’s metabolic rate.

Buckwheat is a Low-Calorie Food

Healthy Source of Calories

A nutrient-rich food is low in calories but high in vitamins and minerals. As a whole grain, buckwheat is such a food, making it a healthy source of calories. A 1/2-cup serving, or 99 grams, of cooked buckwheat groats contains 91 calories. With less than 1 calorie per gram, cooked buckwheat is also a low-energy-dense food, which means it fills you up on fewer calories and can help you better manage your weight.

Healthy Source of Calories