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Tauranga Night Market

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Sat, 09 Dec
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Matamata Market and Craft Fair

Matamata Primary School, 115a Broadway, Matamata
Sun, 10 Dec
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The Day Out Market

Bethlehem Town Centre

The Athlete's Guide to Healthy Grains

“This grain is high in an antioxidant called rutin, which helps fight off inflammation produced from training,” says Spence. It also stimulates the production of collagen, a protein that’s specifically meant to facilitate skin, bone, and connective tissue repair, she says. Try buckwheat groats in lieu of cereal in the morning, or slip some into your favorite soup or chili recipe instead of pasta or rice.

The Athlete's Guide to Healthy Grains

How Buckwheat fits into sports medicine

Buckwheat is a no-brainer when it comes to health and athletic performance. Rich in bioflavonoids — especially in Rutin and Quercetin — buckwheat is great not only for cardiovascular health, but also for healing from sports injuries. Flavonoids have been found to help relieve such sports injuries as pain, bumps, and bruises, as well as excessive swelling caused in damaged tissue.

How Buckwheat fits into sports medicine