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Draws Out Excess Fluid

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Fights Water Retention

Fluid retention is a condition where your body retains water in cells causing your body to bloat up. This bloating appears as swelling of feet, face, hands and legs.

Women about to have their menstrual periods or to go through pregnancy are prone to this condition much more than the others.

The usual causes of fluid retention include hormonal imbalances, liver related disorders, low water intake and kidney problems.

The lymphatic failure is one of the major and primary causes of severe water retention.

Buckwheat is known to have flavonoids, especially Rutin. Rutin strengthens the lymphatic vessels and supports their functionality.

Therefore, any water retention caused by lymphatic failure can be effectively tackled by a dose of buckwheat. The digestion related water retention can also be alleviated by the fiber content of this healthy grain.

Wrap Up: Buckwheat has an anti-oxidant flavonoid called Rutin which betters the lymphatic function reducing and regulating the fluid retention in our body. It also helps in reducing the fluid retention resulting from sluggish digestive system by maintaining healthy bowel movements.

Fights Water Retention

Buckwheat is a water drawing retainer

Making a buckwheat plaster and applying it to swollen parts of your body will draw out the retained water and ease the swallowing.

Buckwheat is a water drawing retainer

Draws Out Excess Fluid

Buckwheat benefits to draw out the excess fluids and retained water from the swollen areas of your body

Draws Out Excess Fluid