0% - Sugar
0% - Gluten
0% - Sodium
0% - Chemicals
0% - Cholesterol
Selenium, Zinc
Magnesium, Iron
Potassium, Calcium
Fiber, Protein, Rutin
Phosphorus, Copper

Perfect for vegans or vegetarians

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Great for vegetarians and vegans

This deliciously earthy whole grain can help keep diabetes at bay and build bones of steel

Paradoxically, buckwheat isn't wheat at all; it's an herb that's related to rhubarb. Buckwheat is a heavyweight when it comes to hunger-curbing fiber and magnesium, which is necessary for normal muscle and nerve function and healthy bones, and may protect against type 2 diabetes and stroke. This triangular-shaped whole grain is also a rich food source of the phytochemical rutin, which may help regulate blood sugar levels. Free of gluten, buckwheat is suitable for those sensitive to the grain protein.

Buckwheat groats are available roasted, which are often called kasha, or unroasted. Prepare them as you would other whole grains and use in salads, pilafs, and soups. Buckwheat flour is used to make quick-cooking soba noodles and adds an earthy taste to flapjacks and baked goods.

Great for vegetarians and vegans

High in protein & vitamins

One cup of buckwheat contains about 23g of protein making it excellent for vegetarians, vegans or anyone looking to increase their protein intake. Because of its high protein intake, buckwheat will keep you feeling fuller for longer and will reduce sugary cravings.

Buckwheat also contains an impressive list of B vitamins including, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, Biotin, Choline, Folate and Pantothenic Acid.

High in protein & vitamins