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Prevention and treatment of obesity

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Best Partner For Weight Loss

Obesity, weight issues and related ailments are increasingly becoming a challenge in today’s world. Our eating habits coupled with hectic and unhealthy lifestyle has made them all the more tough to overcome.

Junk food, alcohol and lack of physical activity is fuelling these problems and have taken a turn for the worse as they are inflicting both young and the old alike.

Buckwheat is high on fiber and energy quotient whereas the fat content in it is quite reasonable and healthy.

Therefore, this grain is bound to make you feel full even with consumption of smaller portions but without compromising on the energy that you need.

Most of the dietary regulations get you feel hungry and keep you dissatisfied.

Even the body is not able to adjust to such dietary regimen for long and usually tends to damage the metabolism of your body eventually.

It is the reason weight loss is something that has to happen without going hungry.

Many people who tend to go on crash dieting frequently wonder as to why they are still putting on weight and fats layer?

The mechanism of the body also works in a way that it begins to store fats if it is made to go hungry for prolonged periods; this worsens the condition.

The protein and magnesium content of this grain is also higher than most of the other regular grains that we consume. If you want to opt for a diet that contains no meat than buckwheat is the best “go to” option because of the high protein in it.

Even with all the constraints and restraints of the weight loss regime, eating buckwheat will ensure that your electrolyte levels, blood pressure, and sugar levels remain in balance, and you do not go hungry at all.

Wrap Up: Buckwheat is a complete diet food which contains low fat, high fiber, high proteins and magnesium. It keeps your stomach full and helps you in controlling the eating urges. It provides you with high energy while you diet without compromising on health.

Best Partner For Weight Loss

Control appetite

Buckwheat is a source of rutin, flavonoid that helps maintain low cholesterol levels and control hypertension.
One study showed that animals fed with buckwheat flour had lower cholesterol levels than the group that was not fed with this food. Also found lower incidence of gallstones and lower body fat in subjects who ate buckwheat flour daily.
Also more and more research is done to use buckwheat to control appetite due to its content in fagomine. Moreover, this grain has the same amount of fiber than whole grains, with the extra benefits that gives the routine. In addition, this fiber helps in the proper absorption of carbohydrates.
In a 2005 study, it was showed that people who ate buckwheat were more satisfied after eating it than when eating cereal.

Buckwheat flour contains an imino sugar (a molecule formed by the chemical group and a sugar imino) called fagomine. The fagomine is a potent inhibitor of glucose uptake, whose administration reduces the glycemic index of carbohydrates and consequently reduces appetite.
Clinical research has been conducted in 75 patients with diabetes following a diet rich in buckwheat. The results of these observations showed a decrease in the level of blood sugar and better control of diabetes.
This molecule is already patented by the National Research Council (CSIC) and calculated that in a very near future, fagomine will be used for the development of functional foods for the control of diabetes and obesity

Control appetite