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Protect against sun radiation

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Natural Suntan

Buckwheat helps greatly in skincare. It contains large amounts of rutin which is beneficial in protecting against skin damage caused by the sun. Hence, it can be regarded as a natural suntan lotion as it provides protection against the harmful rays of the sun.

Natural Suntan

Worried About Radiation Exposure?

 Studies have found that buckwheat is particularly high in a flavonoid called “rutin” that is developed in the plant to protect it from daily exposure to UV radiation (from the sun). This protective ability is transferred to the body when you eat it, helping shield your cells from harmful free radicals created by radiation exposure.

Worried About Radiation Exposure?

Natural Remedy for Radiation Exposure

Glucosides in buckwheat can help protect from radiation exposure, if consumed before radiation exposure has occurred. Cereal grasses help to cleanse our bodies of radiation in a similar way that other green foods do like leafy greens (rich in chlorophyll) and blue-green algae.

Natural Remedy for Radiation Exposure

Magical Superfood

Buckwheat helps to reduce radiative stress from too much time in front of the computer, in aeroplanes, near the microwave or too much cell phone use.

This is because of the antioxidant, rutin which is found in abundance in buckwheat. In studies, rutin has been shown to protect against radiation by reversing DNA cell damage. Rutin is also effective at stimulating new bone marrow, reducing the oxidation of cholesterol and fighting off cancers.

Magical Superfood