0% - Sugar
0% - Gluten
0% - Cholesterol
0% - Sodium
0% - Chemicals
Selenium, Zinc
Magnesium, Iron
Potassium, Calcium
Fiber, Protein, Rutin
Phosphorus, Copper


The best food for Tramping

If you tramp overnight what would you eat?There is an amazing option instead of rice! What rice is? It is just a volume that helps finish eating butter chicken for example.

Why I am not losing anything?

"I eat buckwheat but I am not really losing any weight. What am I doing wrong? I supposed to lose some weight according to one of the main buckwheat benefits".

The ways to prepare

Roasted buckwheat, unlike raw (green one), is very easy and fast to cook!

Why we are

Strangely enough, prior to 1900, there were almost no overweight humans walking the land. Moreover, some made money in a circus to show ...


Where to get healthy protein?

Since 2009, 80-90% of my everyday dinner is a vegetable salad. I didn't copy anybody, neither I am a vegetarian.

Fight off inflammation

Splash sliders at home, which I was not supposed to wear, but I did. It was 8 weeks of ACC compensation though.


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