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The best food for Tramping

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If you tramp overnight what would you eat?
There is an amazing option instead of rice! What rice is? It is just a volume that helps finish eating butter chicken for example.

You either need some bread, pasta or rice to complete your butter chicken meal! Otherwise, it's very hard to finish such rich food.

Usually, trampers take some rice with them and some canned fish or chicken! When you tramp or exercise do you need protein? Sure! What if you had a base for your meal that is full of protein! So full that even has more of it than a can of salmon? Hello! Yes, you are on the right page! 
Do you know that buckwheat has 13g of protein in 100g, and 100 grams of salmon can have 12g of protein (only Contdown one, smoked flavour, others have more protein)!

So! When you tramp and make an evening meal at the hut, roasted buckwheat kasha with some canned salmon, you going to double your protein supply! Buckwheat is not just a volume anymore like rice potato or pasta! Buckwheat is your food! Additionally, you do not need as much salmon as you would put with rice! 

The meal above has rice in it as a base! Imagine if i put buckwheat there! 

I wouldn't need so many veggies either!

If you compare pasta potato and rice to buckwheat as a base food, staple curbs meal, those 3 are steel! Buckwheat will be GOLD

Buckwheat also the healthiest carbs in the world! This is why it is food #1 for diabetics


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