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Sun, 16 Jun
8:30am - 13:00pm

Papamoa's Community Market

Te Manawa Papamoa School
72 Te Okuroa Drive, Papamoa

There is another of my assumption, after reading too many sci-fi books and having a vivid imagination ... What is an endless universe? Why we cannot fully understand what is going on!

Every now and again physicists and scientists publish a new hypothesis about the galaxies, black holes, multi-universe etc. But nobody knows the truth! We can only guess and imagine.
Humans cannot comprehend infinity! We say that there is a multi-universe and we say now that there is every possible direction of life flow scenario. This is how we trying to explain existence without time.
All because we cannot understand another higher dimension. Same as 2 dimension world will never understand 3 dimensions.

Indeed, there is no real infinity! This is how we see the superior dimension world. All human theories and hypotheses always refer to time. The time is our limitation as inferiors. Try to explain what is an endless universe without an accounting of time? It is impossible! Nobody can explain how and what is the world or existence with no time! 
Ok. Yes! this is exactly where the 4th and upper dimensions are! Somewhere where the time does not exist! 

For example, let's say in the 4th dimension (nice theory of another dimension you can read in a Death's End) you can view inside out any existing object or a creature! It means you can see all the structure up to the last atom that the object has! With this kind of ability, you can go forward and rewind every step and movement of the object in 3-dimensional space. For example, you can break apart a car accident into small particles and make that nothing will hurt the driver and he will end up alive with only a few scratches. In our 3dimensional world, we would call it a miracle. 

This is your infinity that you trying to explain! The endless universe is just as we see this 4th dimension! It is the area where 4th dimension unfolds, timeless void. Infinity as we assume it is kind of an echo of 4th or other superior dimensions! There is no other way for us to explain unless we can stop time, but we cannot,

Therefore we never ever will find out what is in the afterlife and how the universe works. We just cannot see it, in spite it is just in front of your eyes. But somehow you can communicate with it because we are part of it. You just need to figure out the way to connect. It is an invisible way, which will make you happy.

BTY eating kasha meal makes you happy too! Not right away, but if you have roasted buckwheat groats as part of your diet, after a few weeks or months you will be strangely just calm and happy. Buckwheat has a magic feature. It has a supply of just the right amount of Tryptophan that is in the body converted into an important neurotransmitter that is known as serotonin and also called a happy hormone.

Buckwheat is not a medicine and not a miracle. It is a gift from the mother nature or basically from the creator of our 3rd-dimensional world. Kasha will affect you only if you eat it regularly for a long period of time which is between your arrival and departure. Roasted buckwheat groats have the exact amount of essential minerals you need.
The only way to have buckwheat as part of your diet is to eat it roasted, the other kind is just not quite eatable.

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